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Spider M1: Laser Engraver & Cutter With Infinite Work Area


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Super Big

Infinite Engraving & Cutting

200/400 mm*∞

Laser engraving & cutting should not be limited to small and delicate objects. With Spider M1, you can engrave and cut on virtually any object of any size. Your creations can be unique, or easily duplicated batch by batch in the workshop. Spider M1 has a work area of 200/400 mm*∞. The infinite Y-axis means that there is no need to reposition constantly for long items. It works infinitely along the Y-axis to engrave and cut on any sized project. Your endless creativity is now a reality.

Super Safe

Quiet and Odor-free

Fully integrated smoke and fume filter system provides a totally safe and odor-free environment. The enclosed structure and safety cap protect your eyes from any laser harm. Quiet engraving and cutting provides a workstation that never disturbs your daily routine. So much power and versatility packed into such a slim design. Spider M1 is ready to take your laser engraving & cutting experience to the next level.

Super Handy

Portable & Compact Design

Don’t let bulky machines restrain you anyonger Spider M1is lightweight,space-savingand includes a stylish bag for transport,making it convenient to take anywhere youwant The integrated design allows you toengrave anytime without the need for time.consuming assembly.

Super Talented

Unleash Your Creativity

Spider M1 is the perfect choice for business, artists, hobbyists and professionals. Small batch customization in the workshop, DIY decorations at home, must-have classroom props, you name it. Spider M1 offers an all rounded laser engraving and cutting solution. Dedicated frame for small objects, rotary module for cylindrical objects and other essential add-ons bring your experience to the next level.

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Spider M1 5W, Spider M1 Max 10W, Spider M1 Max 10W+Micro Adjust+Delicated Frame+Y-Axis, Spider M1 Pro 10W


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