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S10/S30 series 935x905mm engraving area expansion kit


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Fast to get more than 5 times the huge engraving area: By replacing the frame beam of the S10/S30 series, it can quickly obtain a huge engraving area of 935x905mm, which is 516% of the standard S10/S30 series. It can be applied to S10 /S30/S30 Pro/S30 Pro Max.

Strong dual-motor design: SCULPFUN XY-axis expansion kit adopts dual-motor design, which can easily drive the heavy X-axis, keep strength and accuracy during moving.

Reserved holes for limit switches: Limit switch holes are reserved on the extended Y-axis of S10/S30/S30Pro, and the limit switch function can still be used.

Complete accessories for direct use: The product list includes all other necessary accessories for expanding the area, including motors, motor fixing plates, laser fixing plates, extension cables, belts, and screws. No need to buy any extra accessories.

High-precision machining and testing: The extension shaft and cable have undergone rigorous testing, so that it maintains the same precision and stability as standard S10/S30 series engraving machines. Guaranteed high quality engraving and cutting.

Product model: SCULPFUN S10/S30/S30 Pro/S30 Pro Max engraving area expansion Kit
Function: Extend SCULPFUN S10/S30/S30 Pro/S30 Pro Max engraving size to 935x905mm


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