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S10 Engraving Area Expansion Kit


Engraving enlargement size: 950x400mm


1. Quickly expand the engraving area of SCULPFUN S10 in low price : By replacing the frame shafts of S10, it can quickly obtain a huge engraving area of 410x940mm(226% area of standard S10). Meet the needs of large-area engraving users.

2. Reserved holes for limit switches: Limit switch holes are reserved on the extended Y-axis of S10 (limit switch mounting holes are also reserved on X-axis of S10), so that you can buy cheap limit switches accessories to upgrade the limit switch or laser homing function.

3. No additional processing need, directly use: The extension shaft is standardized processing, it can be directly assembled on the S10 engraving machine without any other additional processing. There are other necessary accessories in the product list, including extension cables, belts, and screws. No need to purchase any additional accessories.

4. High-precision production and quality: The extension shaft and cable have undergone rigorous testing , so that it keeps the same accuracy and stability as the standard S10 engraving machine. Guarantee high-quality engraving and cutting.



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