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Phaetus All Metal BMS/BMO Dragonfly Hotend Bimetal Heatbreak Throat Plated Copper Nozzle

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BMS: Creaity Series

BMO: Prusa/Voron Series

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  • The core material of the hot end uses copper alloy to help the heating part of the hot end heat up faster and the heat dissipation part to dissipate heat faster.
  • The unique tapered design makes the heat sink and heatbreak fit better, improving heat dissipation efficiency.
  • The smoothness of the inner hole through which the filament passes is less than or equal to Ra0.3, which reduces clogging and improves the probability of successful printing.
  • All-metal material with high-performance heat dissipation, high temperature resistance of the hot end can reach 500℃.
  • Dragon Fly BMS can print all filaments on the market, such as PLA, ABS PETG, TPU, PP, PC, Nylon, PEEK, PEI, carbon fiber.
  • BMO:  The Hotend is designed and manufactured by our partner (PHAETUS). The quality is very high. The printing temperature for this hotend can reach up to 500 degree if your heater and temperature sensor allows, heater tube and temperature sensor are not included here, please know before ordering.This is a drop in All Metal Conversion kit compatible with V6 Hotend printers. It requires absolute zero modification of the printer to install.




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