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Laser Rotary Roller Laser Engraver Y-axis Rotary Roller with 360°Rotating



100% pre-assembled, plug and play: the machine is 100% installed in the package, equipped with an adapter cable, and only needs to be connected to the Y-axis wiring of the laser engraving machine to engrave Cylindrical objects, such as pens, water bottle, etc.

Huge engraving space and 4 raising feet: SCULPFUN roller base design is lower and stable, and equipped with 4 sturdy metal raising feet, so that it has a larger engraving diameter of 6-150mm, which can meet more engravings. need. Metal feet are more solid than plastic feet, and the machine is more stable when engraving.

Sliding space adjustment: SCULPFUN roller adjusts the size of the space between the two rubber rollers by sliding, and fixes the rolloer by handscrew, which is simpler and faster than the traditional multi-stage fixing hole adjustment.

100% original scale high-precision engraving: SCULPFUN roller adopts high friction 70A rubber shaft to prevent slipping, and the linear speed of the rotating surface has been precisely calculated. Directly plug in the engraving machine cable to engrave the original image in 100% original scale. Does not enlarge or reduce the image.

Wide compatibility: SCULPFUN roller is suitable for multiple engraving software such as lightburn or laserGRBL, and it can be used directly , no need to set parameters in software. In addition, it can be applied to 95% of the engraving machines on the market such as SCULPFUN, NEJE, Ortur, ATOMSTACK, etc.

Free useful accessories: a free soft ruler to measure the size of object; 4 free raising feet, which can be used to increase the height of a variety of machines.

Applicable models: S6/S9/S10/S30 series.

Product Information: 

Product model: SCULPFUN Rotary Roller

How to use: Take out the original Y-axis motor cable of the laser engraving machine, plug into SCULPFUN Rotary Roller , and you can start using it. There is no need to set parameter in software, because the surface linear speed of the roller is the same as the original Y-axis speed.

Available engraving space: cylinder diameter 6-150mm, cylinder length 0-230mm

Compatible software: Lightburn, LaserGRBL, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, etc. There is no need to set up software because the surface linear velocity of the roller is the same as the original Y-axis velocity.

Compatible machines: suitable for all GRBL motherboard types of engraving machines, including SCULPFUN, Ortur, NEJE, ATOMSTACK and other engraving machines.

Adjustment of shaft spacing: The shaft spacing can be adjusted steplessly by sliding, and it can be fixed by hand-tightening screws.

Product packaging :

Product Size: 27x22x5cm

Product packaging size: 34*25*9cm

Product packaging weight: 1.5KG


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