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Laser Engraving Machine Enclosure Smoke Exhaust Box 1440x720x360mm/720x720x360mm



  • 1440x720x360mm1440x720x360mm
  • 720x720x360mm720x720x360mm


Super suction fan: The box is equipped with a super high-speed fan of 10000r/min, which can generate strong suction force. And more than 10m/s suction speed can quickly exhaust the smoke from the box

Modifiable box: We provide a solid frame and a powerful suction fan, which are the main units. As for the shell, you can remove the original shell and modify it according to your own imagination, you can choose the material you like or easy to get, such as cloth, wood, acrylic shell.

Multiple use methods: You can choose open, semi-open, or closed methods according to your personal preferences. The open type and semi-open type are suitable for those who need to operate the machine frequently; the closed type is suitable for people who mind smoke, or peope who want to store the machine for a long time to prevent dust.

Solid and easy-to-install structural design: The box is constructed of all-metal frame, which is very sturdy and durable. The installation steps are very simple, just tighten the screws and complete the installation in 3 steps.

Full eye protection design: The fully covered red shell can filter 98% of ultraviolet light, the laser is no longer dazzling, and you and the people around you can watch the laser engraving more conveniently.

Product Information:

Space size: 1440x720x360mm OR 720x720x360mm

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy Metal

Fan extraction speed: 10m/s

Fan power supply: 5V USB plug

Mode of use: open, semi-open (open, semi-open is suitable for people who often need to operate the machine); closed (closed for people who mind smoke, or store the machine for a long time to prevent dust.)

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1440x720x360mm, 720x720x360mm


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  • 1440x720x360mm1440x720x360mm
  • 720x720x360mm720x720x360mm