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Kingroon KP3S Pro V2 – Klipper Firmware Installed



KP3S Pro V2 is a fast-print-speed 3D printer with Klipper firmware installed. It makes Klipper becomes reachable, affordable, and usable for everyone. With the Klipper features, it let people print at high speed and with great quality.

· All-in-one Klipper Mainboard

KP3S Pro V2 has a powerful mainboard with Klipper firmware installed. No Raspberry Pi is required.

· 350mm/s High-Speed Print

High-quality print with less waiting time. KP3S Pro V2 has 350mm/s high-speed printing & 10000mm/s² acceleration. The built-in ADXL345 module ensures you high-quality print under fast print speed with active vibration compensation.

· Linear Rail Guides on All Axis

KP3S Pro V2 has linear rail guides on X, Y, and Z axis, which makes your printer more stable and durable in fast movements.

· 5:1 Gear Ratio

5:1 Gear Ratio, all metal, 8000 ring 5015 fan, smart micro processors, the new extruder means powerful extrusion and better cooling system.

· Multi Interface Options

With the Internet connection, any screen can be your printer screen, you can control KP3S Pro V2 anyhow, anytime and anywhere.

· Auto Bed Leveling

The auto bed leveling comes to KP3S Pro V2, with its new bed structure, it’s fully ABL.


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