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Hermit Crab Rapid Tool System for Ender Series/CR-6 SE/10 Series


  • High compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • More stable and fluid movements
  • For the quick change of toolheads on 3D printers


High compatibility with multiple ports and mounting holes

The Hermit Crab hotend and tool changing system simplifies the assembly and changing of different tools on the 3D printer on a linear or V-profile rail.

There are two variants of the Hermit Crab:

Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab CAN
In the normal version of the Hermit Crab, the cables of all interfaces have to be reconnected to the motherboard, the cable harnesses are scattered and numerous. Hermit Crab CAN integrates various cable harnesses in one cable that is easy to connect. Both variants are supplied with 3 tool plates. The normal Hermit Crab works with any firmware, Hermit Crab CAN only works with Klipper firmware.

With different mounting holes and connections on the surface of the tool changer, different extruders such as the E3D Hemera Bowden and other components such as the Ender 3 heat sink can be attached with spring clips. Interfaces for extension functions can also include filament sensors, levelling sensors, stepper motors and fans.

In addition to the print heads, various other tools can also be mounted. In this way, you can turn your printer into a laser cutter, pen plotter, laser engraving machine and other useful devices quickly and easily.

Tool plate & mounting plate interfaces:

Stepper motor
Filament sensor

Quick tool change for efficient work

Only a single movement is required to change the tool.

The fixed plate of the Hermit Crab remains connected to the rails, onto which the tool plate with the tool head mounted on it is simply attached and fixed with a spring clip.

Better print quality

The tool change system gives your device smoother movements and thus higher precision and printing performance.


The hotend and tool change system consists of a durable 6061 aluminum alloy and guarantees long-lasting quality.


Hermit Crab CAN Fixed Plate
3 x tool plates
Required tools
User Guide
2 x adapter boards



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