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H2O Extruder Water-cooled Extruder for Temperatures up to 500 °C

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  • Temperatures up to 500 °C
  • Requires Water Cooling Kit
  • Fast, efficient cooling
  • Accurate printing


500°C maximum nozzle temperature

Compact extrusion system
Resistant to high temperatures
Dual Gear Extrusion
Short filament path

More Cooling Power – Easier closed chamber printing

In connection with a water cooling system, the cooling can circulate better, the heat is distributed faster and the extruder is effectively protected.

Dual gear drive for best filament grip

A dual-gear drive with two gears made of stainless steel ensures better filament grip and strong, even extrusion.

Features of the H2O Extruder

Suitable for water pipes with an inner diameter of 4 mm and an outer diameter of 6 mm
The motor is temperature resistant up to 180 °C
Nice RGB mood light on the extruder
Equipped with MAX31865 Board & PT100 Thermistor
Nickel-plated copper heating block with high hardness, durability and anti-corrosion

Heat Block Material Nickel-plated copper
Heatbreak material Titanium alloy
Gear material Stainless steel
Nozzle material High temperature – hardened stainless steel
Max heating temperature 500ºC
Temperature resistant motor 180℃
Temperature resistant fan 110ºC
Thermistor PT100 & MAX31865
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Number of extrusion gears 2
Diameter of the extrusion gears 7.8mm
Gear ratio 7:01
Quick-release heatbreak Yes
Filament sensor No


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