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H2 V2S Lite extruder Ultralight & Robust Dual-Gear Extrusion System


  • For All FDM 3D Printer
  • Fast & effective heat dissipation
  • With a practical lever handle for filament control
  • Robust heat break
  • For smooth filament feeding
  • High compatibility with filaments & printers


The innovative H2 V2S LITE is a compact dual-gear extrusion system that is characterised by its incomparable lightness! The temperature-resistant extruder ensures outstanding performance and extremely smooth 3D printing thanks to particularly well thought-out features!

Ultra-light parts

At 175 g, the H2 V2S LITE is astonishingly light: In contrast to its predecessor, the H2 V2.0, the H2 V2S LITE is 36 g lighter! The lower weight ensures more precise positioning and less inertia of the extruder.

Aluminium alloy body and nano-coated tool steel gears

The robust, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material prolongs the life of the extrusion system.

Accelerated heat dissipation

Thanks to a built-in heat sink, faster and more effective heat dissipation is guaranteed!

For fast printing

With a volumetric speed of 45 mm³/s you can finish your 3D prints in no time!

Practical lever handle

The H2 V2S LITE is equipped with a newly developed lever handle: This controls the feeding and dispensing of filaments! There is no need to hold the handle while inserting or replacing the filament – just toggle the lever!

Easy to remove heat break

The H2 Bi-Metal Heatbreak is made of copper and titanium alloy. Its thermal break is coated with thermal compound, ensuring increased heat conduction and improved cooling performance.

The heat break can be removed quickly and easily with a hex key.

Dual gear filament feed and adjustable tension

With a gear ratio of 7:1 and an extrusion force of max. 7.5 kg on the gears, an extremely smooth filament feed is made possible. Also, the pressure exerted by gears on the filament can be adjusted to your liking for greater flexibility.

Additional mounting holes

The extrusion system features four additional mounting holes for attaching an auto-levelling sensor or a fan for even faster printing!

Excellent compatibility with filaments

ABS, HIPS, PLA, PET, PVA, TPU and many more.

Excellent compatibility with 3D printers

FDM 3D Printers


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