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H2 V2.0 Extruder For All FDM 3D Printer

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  • Reduced weight
  • Premium brass nozzle
  • Unique cooling system


Extrusion method: Double gear extrusion

Maximum printing temperature: 270℃

Weight: 211g (including heating aluminum block, fan)

Maximum extrusion force: 7.5kg (depending on filaments)

Extrusion capacity (based on existing): 600mm³/min(depending on filaments)

Number of pulses: 932steps/mm for stepper motor drive at 16 subdivisions  (micro-steps) (further correction is required)

Recommended motor current: 800mA

Filaments’ diameter and tolerance: 1.75±0.05mm


Compatible with a wide range of filaments

The extruder is suitable for both regular and flexible filaments (PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon, TPU / TPE).

Supported 3D printers

The BIQU H2 is compatible with the BIQU BX 3D printer and with adapters on many different devices such as Creality Ender series and many more. Suitable adapters can be found on the web.


Contents of delivery

BIQU H2 extruder (including brass V6 nozzle)

40W heating cartridge

100K thermistor

3510 fan Fastening screws

Allen key

Extension cable


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