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H2 Extruder 500°C for 3D Printer


  • Temperatures up to 500 °C
  • Fast, efficient cooling
  • Accurate printing


The H2 Extruder 500 °C from BIQU is one of the successors of the H2 V2.0 dual-gear extruder. The H2 Extruder 500 °C is now designed as standard for printing temperatures of up to 500 °C – its predecessor could only be upgraded to these temperatures.
Features of the H2 extruder 500 °C
Hardened steel nozzle
9000 rpm fan
Titanium & Copper Heatbreak
Equipped with MAX31865 Board & PT100 Thermistor
70W heating cable
Nickel-plated copper heating block with high hardness, durability and anti-corrosion
Better heat distribution
A 9000 rpm fan ensures better heat distribution and more efficient cooling.
Better thermal insulation & heat conduction
A heatbreak made of copper and titanium alloy ensures the best thermal insulation. The copper heating block with a nickel coating also guarantees effective heat conduction.
Hardened steel nozzle
The hardened steel nozzle is designed for temperatures up to 500 °C. A 70W heating cable ensures that these temperatures are reached quickly.
Heat Block Material Nickel-plated copper
Heatbreak material Titanium alloy
Gear material Stainless steel
Nozzle material High temperature – hardened stainless steel
Max heating temperature 500ºC
Temperature resistance of motor 180℃
Temperature resistance of fan 110ºC
Thermistor PT100 & MAX31865
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Number of extruder gears 2
Diameter of the extruder gears 7.8mm
Gear ratio 07:01
Quick-release heatbreak Yes
Filament sensor No




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