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Crab Nozzle Changer -Ratchet wrench for easy nozzle replacement


  • Compact & practical
  • 360 ° rotatable design
  • Easy installation


Designed for easy changes of the printer nozzle

The upper part can fix to the heater block, the lower part can replace the nozzle.

Robust material for good performance

The nozzle changer is made of steel and has been specially hardened. This makes changing nozzles easier and faster.

The nozzle changer is compatible with:

V6 heater block
Volcano heater block
MK8 / MK9 / CR10 heater block
Crazy heater block
Mosquito heater block

The contents of delivery includes 5 different socket wrench inserts for the ratchet wrench:

10 mm
9 mm
8 mm
7 mm
6 mm
The nozzles that are not in use can also be stowed in 4 slots provided in the heat block locking aid so that they are always at hand and do not get lost.


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