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ANTCLABS BLTouch Levelling Sensor- Automatic Levelling Sensor for Retrofitting your 3D Printer

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  • High precision
  • Works with all surfaces
  • Easy installation
  • Smart functions


The BLTouch is a 3D printer bed levelling sensor that enables automatic bed levelling on your 3D printer regardless of the printing surface.

BLTouch is an automatic level sensor for 3D printers, with which the inclination of the bed surface can be measured precisely. It can work with all types of print bed surfaces such as glass, blue tape or other materials.

Easy installation

The BL Touch has two wiring groups, one with three and one with two wires. The group of three wires is a standard servo connection and the group of two wires is a switch. The probe is controlled via the servo connection and extended and retracted if necessary. The switch notifies the printer when the probe has touched the bed. Consult the documentation of your switch module to find out where these cables can be connected. The exact function of the individual wires is listed in the manual. When installing on your hotend, make sure that the extended probe reaches under the nozzle, otherwise the probe is unusable! Be sure to test this visually before trying to use the BLTouch.

The BLTouch is connected to the control board of your 3D printer via four pins and has the following functions:

Brown & Black: Grounding
Red: 5 V
Orange: control signal
White: Z-min
Note that depending on your 3D printer, a firmware update may be required for the BLTouch to work properly.


The main functions of BLTouch are the same as with conventional automatic level sensors. BLTouch can, therefore, be used on almost any printer.

BLTouch has a simple structure and high precision thanks to the use of a progressively designed solenoid and Hall sensor. It aims for ease of use and pleasant printing by incorporating many intelligent functions such as self-test, alarm, alarm triggering and touch switch mode, blue LED for the display of the servo signal and Z-Probe (Zmin) tests.

Contents of delivery:

1 x BLTouch (Smart V3.1)
2 x screw & nut & washer
2 x springs for BLTouch assembly
2 x Dupont housing 3Pin
2 x Dupont housing 2pin
3 x Dupont housing 1 pin
10 x Dupont pins
1 x jumper cap
IMPORTANT: With many devices, a suitable extension cable is necessary for use. Which extension cable is compatible must be checked directly on the 3D printer.


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