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5Pcs Improved FEP films 2.0 for the Mars & Saturn Series


  • Made from high-quality raw materials
  • Improved separation performance
  • Better curing effect
  • Higher printing accuracy

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Improved FEP films for Elegoo 3D printers

The improved FEP films for 3D printers of the Mars and Saturn series are made from pure high-quality raw materials and have a 50% longer service life and significantly improved release strength.

With the FEP 2.0 films, you get a better curing effect on the model and higher printing accuracy.

Even with large-format models, high-quality printing can be guaranteed and creative requirements can be met.

FEP films for Elegoo 3D printers

Dimensions for Mars series: 146 x 195 mm (L x W)
Dimensions for Saturn series and other 8.9 inch LCD 3D printers: 260 x 185 mm (L x W)
0.127mm thickness
95% light transmission
5 pieces per pack
Less release tension
50% longer lifespan than regular release films
Foam packaging protects against damage and dirt

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Mars 2 Pro, Mars 3, Mars 3 Pro, Saturn, Saturn S


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